Monday, February 15, 2016

Largest Meth Bust Ever

This is almost like a scene from the television show "Breaking Bad".  The largest meth bust ever was conducted by authorities in Sydney, Australia.   The main chemical that is used to make meth was found hidden in shipping containers.  Inside the containers the drug smugglers hid $900 million worth of the potent chemical methylamphetamine.  In the amounts this drug was found it could have produced over 1100 pounds of "crystal meth".

The meth problem is growing around the world.  There have also been a few labs busted in our backyards in northeast Pennsylvania.  Recently two operations were taken down in Carbon County and also in Luzerne County.

Crystal meth is a deadly addiction.  When someone starts to use meth the addicts life will deteriorate very quickly.  Families get torn apart.  The addict can't do anything but use.  The health problems that the abuser experiences could kill them instantly.  It is like playing Russian roulette every time the person uses.

Crystal meth addiction should be treated by professionals.  Clearbrook has treated the addiction to meth for decades.  If you or a loved one is using this deadly drug please call us for help.  It does not matter how many times or for how long someone has tried to get clean.  This could be the last time someone needs to feel this way and go through these horrible consequences from meth addiction.

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