Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Adderall- Is It The Legal Crystal Meth?

Adderall abuse has been around for years and years.  Like any other addiction to chemicals the numbers continue to rise in regards to people abusing this prescription drug.  With the drugs like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana being talked about so much, the prescription drugs like Adderall are not getting the attention they deserve.

Dr. Carl Hart a professor of psychiatry at Colombia University did a study on people that have used the street version of amphetamines (crystal meth) and Adderall.  In short, the study found that these people had no preference between the two drugs.  They both acted the same and produced the same effect.

With the stigma out there about today's drug addict (skin and bones, missing teeth, "death look") when someone is abusing Adderall many professionals overlook the problem.  Adderall can be just as dangerous as crystal meth.  It can be as addictive and the same signs and symptoms can be portrayed as crystal meth.

Adderall was developed to treat ADHD.  ADHD is usually present in younger people, a lot of times in the college years.  Many of your children, college students, are using Aderall to stay awake to study.  When the drug begins to be abused they use this drug for the euphoric high it can produce and addiction takes over.  We have read horror stories about the drug.

If you are someone who is addicted to Aderall, most times you are going to need medical and professional help to stop.  Clearbrook Treatment Centers has treated the addiction to prescription drugs for decades.  With a state of the art medical detox coupled with an inpatient, residential treatment program, the addiction to Adderall can be interrupted and put the addict back on track to a happy, sober life.  Please call us anytime if you need an Adderall drug rehab.

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