Friday, December 18, 2015

Staying Sober On Christmas

For the newly sober, Christmas and celebrating the New Year can be the hardest times throughout our first years of this new life.  There are so many memories that flood our minds and hearts from previous years.  Many of us have utterly ruined some of the holidays in the past with our drinking. Guilt can plague us every step of the way during the holiday season.  That is addiction folks.  That is the disease sinking its teeth into us and saying "come back".  There are ways of turning that stuff around.

First of all there is one premise that we have seen people live by that can take guilt and shame and cast them out.  Gratitude. That word is one of the best defenses to anything that is negative in our lives.  Especially during the holidays.  Just being grateful for being sober and living a different way can be a good start.

Here are some other ways to ensure you not only make it through the holidays sober but you enjoy them as well.

  • The premise of Christmas is the birth of Christ.  You have also had a birth in your life.  Sobriety and the birth of a new life.
  • Go to meetings
  • Talk to other people in recovery
  • Stay completely away from "People, Places, and Things"
  • Go help someone else that is struggling
  • Remember that this is just one day, anyone can stay sober for just one day
These points if lived every day work.  They especially work over the holidays.

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