Thursday, December 3, 2015

Heroin Abuse Treatment In PA, NY, NJ

At Clearbrook we will continually push the information the public needs for help with substance abuse.  We have lost the "war on drugs" a long time ago.  Thankfully the local, state, and federal governments are beginning to change the course of action, which is usually incarceration, to actually getting people who are struggling and suffering from the addiction to heroin.  It is estimated that three out of four people in our country that want help with addiction never get it.  Jail sentences, lack of funding, and the shortage of beds in treatment facilities all contribute to why.  People die out there from this debilitating disease and were never offered the chance and the right way to get better.  Please share our video below, you never know who it is going to reach.

                                                                Clearbrook Manor
Offering Help, Promising Hope

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