Thursday, November 5, 2015

Heroin Treatment In Pennsylvania

The heroin epidemic has reached levels that we have never seen in the state of Pennsylvania. In the 1970s, heroin was also a major problem. To a degree it was confined to our big cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburg. People that used heroin then were mostly of the lower income bracket because if offered such a cheap avenue to get high. Our soldiers that were returning from Vietnam got addicted while they were in Asia and they came home having no idea how to fight it. There were not many heroin rehabs in Pennsylvania then. Many of the people who got addicted to heroin then were put on methadone programs. Those programs didn't work. We saw people who sold their methadone or just relapse back into heroin addiction. Today the heroin problem in PA is all over the place. It knows no difference between income levels, race, religion, or geography. Every day we are reading about overdoses. This is happening in the smallest towns to the largest cities. What we offer at Clearbrook is a way out of the life of addiction. We serve as a Pennsylvania heroin detox and rehab. We believe in the abstinance model of recovery. We will help you through the detox phase of recovery to make you as comfortable as possible. When you leave us, you will be completely chemical free and on the road to a life you could have never imagined in active addiction.

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