Monday, November 23, 2015

Heroin Drug Rehab in Long Island

As we have reported in the past year, the heroin problem is wreaking havoc across our country and the towns in Long Island are not exempt.  Heroin, which used to be segregated to mostly the inner cities and people who were below the poverty line, now knows no boundries.  We have read numerous stories in the newspapers in towns in Nassau and Suffolk Counties about people overdosing and dying.  The reports don't lie about this epidemic.  Since 2012, heroin overdoses in Nassau County have doubled while it's neighbor to the east, Suffolk County has tripled.  The police have begun to crack down on the problem with the help of both DA's offices.  Whether it is the father-son team who was busted in Suffolk for distribution or it was the Hofstra University student who is facing 15 years in prison for injecting his girlfriend with a fatal dose, it shows that the governments are starting to do something about it.  In 2008. Natalie's Law was put on the books in Nassau but not Suffolk County.  The law requires the police to report to the school district superintendents when an arrest has been made in their school district.  A map below shows an example:

This is all good news BUT this is all still talking about the problem and not the solution.  The solution is getting people help.  The solution requires people to get into a drug rehab in Long Island to start the healing process.  Many people on heroin try to quit themselves in varying different ways.  Nine out of ten times they fail.  Then many of them overdose and die.  Clearbrook which is located only a 2 hour drive from Nassau County and 3 hour drive from Suffolk County can serve as a Long Island heroin rehab and detox.  We have had thousands of patients from the Long Island area over the last 40 years, many of them living happy lives today free of the addiction to heroin.  Please call us for help.  Our admissions line is staffed 24/7/365.  

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