Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teenage Heroine Abuse

In the past few years the spike in teenage heroine abuse has sky rocketed.  The pattern that we see is teenagers are using substances such as Oxycontin, vicodine, and roxycontin.  These prescription drugs are being sold on the street.  Teens are using them in a variety of different ways including taking them orally, ingesting them through the nose, or injecting them with needles.  These drugs are just as dangerous as the street drugs are.  Many teens are finding these medications in the own homes and reselling them on the street.  Some teens have found ways to buy prescription medication over the Internet.  These pills are expensive.  Many people that are selling these pills are asking for $30-$50 per pill.  Being that they are teenagers they can't sustain their addiction at these prices.  What they turn to is heroine.  Heroine provides the user with the same high at a fraction of the cost for the same euphoric feeling. 

These drugs are killing our children.  Many parents don't know where to turn for help.  They are pulled in many different directions regarding help for their children.  Clearbrook Treatment Centers has our own free standing treatment center, Clearbrook Lodge, that treats teenage patients only.  We do not mix adolescents and adults.  Our adult facility is located about 20 miles from the adolescent facility.  We have a full medical detox to safely help your child move into the treatment phase of their illness.  Our adolescents have the ability to go to school, enjoy the outdoor surroundings, and most importantly work on their addiction and leave us with a feeling of confidence. 

We strongly believe in family participation in the treatment of teenage substance abuse.  Please don't wait to call us.  We can answer all those questions that are circling in your mind.  You can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  1-800-582-6241.

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There are plenty of Substance abuse treatment Centers out there, and while most are professionally-run and supervised, that’s not always the case. Substance abuse treatment done the wrong way, just doesn’t work — and improper detox procedures can be life-threatening.