Monday, November 30, 2009

Clearbrook Lodge Programs & Components

The Extended Care Program at the Cleabrook Lodge has the following components:

Successful completion of the Extended Care Program is not dependent upon completing all stages of the program, but rather is determined by the successful completion of individualized treatment plans provided for each patient. This individualized attention is what separates Clearbrook Treatment Centers from all the rest, personal programs and attention. Completeing the Extended Care Program is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your child's life! Some of these programs offered by Clearbrook Lodge contain the following:

Alcohol and Drug Treatment:

-Evaluation and Monitoring

Education and Group Experience:

-Disciplined Environment
-Code of Conduct
-Rank Earning System
-Grooming and Personal Care
-Personal Responsibility
-Time and Placement Requirements
-Self-Image Building
-Problem Resolution
-Anger / Conflict Management
-Team Building
-Character Building
-Earned Self Esteem

Clearbrook Lodge is your #1 source for helping to end your teen's dependence on drugs and alcohol in Pennsylvania. With dedicated and compassionate staff you can rest easy knowing your child is receiving total quality care. Choose Clearbrook Lodge for helping your child on the road to being drug free!

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