Monday, November 30, 2009

Clearbrook Lodge Extended Stay

Clearbrook Lodge is incorporated into its nationally recognized treatment program is an Extended Care Program for adolescents that has proven to be very successful in helping chemically dependent youth develop a behavioral foundation that will serve them in all life situations. Lasting 90 to 180 days, the Extended Care Program utilizes a 13-acre island as the starting point for rehabilitation.

Participants progress through stages depending on how well they perform and if they meet the mandatory criteria to pass through the course. If the show exemplary performance they progress further and more quickly and are eligible for more performance awards.

With a longer length of stay, we are able to teach new living skills and develop healthy behavioral patterns that increase the individual’s chance of a drug-free and productive life. Outdoor activities are important for group building and help build self-esteem and group cohesiveness and are more proactive in longer lengths of stay.

Extended Care Goals
• Abstinence from mood-altering chemicals (sobriety)
• Use of the 12-step program
• Demonstrated change in personal behavior and self-image, consistent with healthy recovery-oriented behavior
• Adherence to a value system that promotes healthy functioning
• Initiate an improved, chemical-free lifestyle

Clearbrook Lodge is your #1 choice for helping your teenager end their depedency on drugs and/or alcohol in Pennsylvania. The professional staff value compassion and committment above all else, so you can feel comfrtable that your child is receiving the utmost care. Choose Clearbrook Lodge for ending your teen's dependence on drugs!

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