Tuesday, March 1, 2016

City Of Wilkes-Barre To Decriminalize Some Drug Offenses

The Citizens Voice of Wilkes Barre printed an article yesterday about their plans to reduce minor drug possession charges in the future.  The newspaper opened their story with this line:

"It's not a soft spot in their heart that has city officials pushing to decriminalize a minor drug offense, but rather a soft spot in their wallet."

The new mayor of WB, Tony George, and his staff want to lower the severity of the charge of some possession offenses from misdemeanors to summary offenses.  The penalties in most cases would be a fine with a maximum of $300 for an offense.

When you are convicted of a possession charge in the city of Wilkes Barre, the fines that you pay go into the State of Pennsylvania's general fund.  It is not paid directly to the city.  With this change, the fines that someone pays would go to the city and not the state anymore.  A second vote will be taking place on March 10th 2016.

With this law many people will not have to deal with a crime on the record.  This helps in a wide variety of areas.  Getting a job and things as little as getting insured won't be hampered from a criminal conviction on the person's record.

This law has the potential to help the city and the addict themselves.  We just hope that the judges and the law continue to steer people to treatment and to get help for addiction when they are caught.

You can read the article in the Citizens Voice by clicking HERE.

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