Friday, January 21, 2011

Bath Salt Abuse- A Growing Epidemic

The title of this blog may surprise you, and yes you read it correctly. Bath salt abuse in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey are on the rise. You may be asking, "why in the world would someone abuse bath salts?" The answer is that teens and young adults can buy it legally and for a lot cheaper than its illegal counterparts, most notably cocaine and crystal meth. The people using bath salts are calling it "synthetic cocaine" or "synthetic meth". People are now sniffing these ground up bath salts and getting high. Through studies by the FDA the abuse of bath salts is just as physically and pychologically addictive as illegal street drugs. Patients interviewed at drug rehabs for bath salt addiction have told them that they hallucinate and lose touch with all reality. These drugs are being bought over the counter and typically contain methylenedioxprovalerone (MDPV).

If you are a parent, be aware of these products around your childrens rooms and your homes. If you find you have someone using these products they may need detox for bath salt addiction. Please contact Clearbrook Treatment Centers to speak with our admissions staff and get help for the person close to you.


Anonymous said...

My son got into this new crazy idea these kids have been exposed to. It is so dangerous. It is no different than doing the street drugs as they call it. He needs help.

Anonymous said...

We tried today to get help for a bath salt addicted individual (an 86 pound 28 year old) we spent 6 hours in the emergency room at general hospital as we were told to do by a clearbrook counselor only to be told by the er physician that there is no detox program for bath salts and we were unable to get the addict help so i don't know why the system works for some but not for others i say we all have choices in life to make and its a shame that people are so pathetic to disrespect their lives like that. Everyone has stuff to deal with thank god everyone doesnt cry the same excuse or this screwed up world would be even screwier thats just my opinion and im entitled to it thank you wilkes barre general and clearbrook lodge maybe we will be burying our addict soon

Clear Brook Treatment Centers said...

We’re unsure as to why the individual was referred to general hospital. Clearbrook does treat people with bath salt addictions. Is there a possibility that there were other medical complications, which would have accounted for a Clearbrook employee referring an individual to the emergency room? Please call our admissions department if you’re still looking for help and we can take a look at this. (570) 823-1171