Monday, January 4, 2010

Signs Of an Alcohol Addiction in Your Teenager

The following behaviors may indicate an alcohol or other drug problem, but it's important to note that some also reflect normal teenage growing pains. Experts believe that a drinking problem is more likely if you notice several of these signs at the same time, if they occur suddenly, and if some of them are extreme in nature:

-Mood changes: flare-ups of temper, irritability, and defensiveness

-School problems, including poor attendance, low grades, and/or recent disciplinary action

-Rebelling against family rules

-Switching friends, along with a reluctance to have you get to know the new friends

-A "nothing matters" attitude, for example sloppy appearance, a lack of involvement in former interests, and general low energy

-Finding alcohol in your child's room or backpack, or smelling alcohol on his or her breath

-Physical or mental problems: memory lapses, poor concentration, bloodshot eyes, lack of coordination, or slurred speech

If you think your child may be in trouble with drinking, you can protect them from years of pain by seeking advice from a mental health professional specializing in alcohol problems as soon as possible. The life you save may be your child's.

Be especially scrutinizing as you determine the drug rehab program that meets your specific needs. Clearbrook Treatment Centers have the Cleabrook Lodge that is specifically designed to meet the challenges of teen drug and alcohol abuse.

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